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Women's Health

Vermont Sports Medicine Center therapists understand the unique needs of women when it comes to health and wellness. Our therapists are skilled in treating women with musculoskeletal issues as they relate to the stresses of childbearing, osteoporosis and the unique changes women experience in the various stages of our life span, including the adolescent athlete.

Our unique programs address the following concerns unique to women:

Osteoporosis: Exercise Programs
Designed to minimize the effects of osteoporosis on women as they approach the pre-menopausal phase of life. Therapists will instruct women how to maintain appropriate postures, exercise to minimize bone density loss, and education in order to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

Continence Program
With the effects of aging and childbirth many women experience weakness in the pelvic floor muscles and related structures, which results in urinary incontinence or leaking during normal activities of daily living. Left untreated, women decrease their activity level in attempts to minimize the leaking. This only causes secondary side effects of a decrease of health and well being due to lower activity levels.

Vermont Sports Medicine Therapists utilize a holistic approach in the treatment of urinary incontinence using a balance of gentle exercises (other than the usual Kegel exercises), biofeedback and behavior modification. This program allows women to resume healthy and active lifestyles without the threat of leaking.

Post Child Birth Low Back and Stabilization Program
Childbirth has a significant effect on women’s posture and stability around the lumbar spine and pelvis. Therapists at VSMC have specific training in exercise techniques that will facilitate return of strength and stability to the lumbar spine and pelvis, post childbirth.

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