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What Patients Say About Us

“I never imagined what a difference therapy could make … I called my therapist after my very first treatment to say, “Thank You!”.

“I chose Vermont Sports Medicine Center because of their Aquatics Program.  With my therapist’s help in the pool, I was able to return to a comfortable night’s sleep and to my strengthen program at the gym.  I highly recommend VSMC!”

“I would recommend Vermont Sports Medicine Center with a megaphone if possible … I am in a better place now because of all their work with me.  Great job, VSMC!”

“Everyone at Vermont Sports Medicine Center was positive and motivating … not many companies demonstrate this level of professionalism.”

“The only treatment that ever helped me with my chronic back pain.”

“I’m 99% back to normal.  I had a great experience … you guys are the best!”

“Life was great after physical therapy!”

“I’m really grateful … I would not go anywhere else!”

“Very personal care.”

“The best PT experience I have ever had!”

“The most caring staff I have encountered for me in a medical office.”

“I went to Vermont Sports Medicine Center and things really turned around for me.”

“A lot of people think we should use the hospital first, but I’m more interested in the results and you guys are the best!”

“My daughter was a patient and had an excellent treatment outcome!”

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